8/15/2017HorizonHJH, V5, 6
8/17/2017Central ChristianAJH, V6, 7

8/22/2017Bloomington LightAJH, V5, 6
8/24/2017Indy LighthouseAV6
8/28/2017TrinityHHJH, V5, 6
9/7/2017Christian Ac. MadisonHJH, V5, 6
9/11/2017SuburbanAJH, V4:30, 5:30
9/22/2017ColumbusHJH, V4, 5
9/26/2017Central ChristianHJH, V6, 7
10/2/2017Indy LighthouseHV6
10/3/2017TrinityHJH, V5, 6
10/5/2017Christian Ac. MadisonAJH, V5, 6
10/8 - 10/12Volleyball RegionalsTBA

10/14/2017Volleyball StateTBA

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6801 S. East St.
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Volleyball Schedule

No experience needed for any of our sports.  We welcome any of our students to get involved in an athletic team.  If we do not currently have a team you are interested, we can get one together if there is enough interest.

Cross Country

We will be having a cross country team again this year.  If you are interested, be sure to let Mr. Nanney know!

Girls Volleyball

​Please email Mr. Nanney if you are interested in playing and were not able to attend the meeting last spring.  We are working on dates for a 2-day summer camp now.

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