The school picnic for orientation will be August 5th.  The details button will have details as soon as we get them!

Parent Involvement

Each family needs to help at at least 2 events this year.  Please sign up for the ones you can attend.


Each parent will be asked to sign a parent cooperation form before their child begins at SCS.  To view this form, pleaseclick here

BE INFORMED:​  We live in a world where information is at our fingertips and it doesn’t change for us as parents, students and/or teachers. Social media is a tool through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  These tools will help you stay informed about our school and special events that take place throughout the school year.  Don’t forget to check your email and the website as these will have information as well.  Attending the monthly meetings is vital to staying connected.  It is an opportunity to hear from Mr. Nanney and the other teachers.  We will also cover the events and fundraising opportunities for the month and how you can be involved.  We want to see 1 parent from each family attend each month.

BE INVOLVED: ​ Do you have a special talent or skill? Do you have a resource that can benefit us in some way? Are you a business owner? You never know when you are the one that can make the difference. There are so many opportunities to volunteer through clubs, fundraising, sports, and events.  Statistics show that parents who are involved are more likely to have students that succeed educationally.  We also want to have family social events this year.  This is a family so we want to have family gatherings.  We will have 3-4 of these events throughout the year in conjunction with our PTF Meetings.

BE INVESTED: ​ We are investing in our child’s education and spiritual journey by sending them to Southside.   Time - Treasure - Talent   Some can do more than others.  Some have different talents than others.  Some have different resources than others.  We have to work together to make it work! ----I Corinthians 12- “Even so the body is not made up of one part but of many.”Type your paragraph here.

Emergency Closings

Check your local news channels for weather closings.  We will also being contacting you via phone (text or call).  If you have not signed up for the text reminder, please email Steve Nanney at nanney@southsidechristian.info for instructions.

Concessions for Home Games

We need help filling concessions.  The proceeds will go toward gym rentals, refs, and other sports fees!  Bring donations to the main office.

School Supplies

Please have your school supplies bought for the first week of school!

6801 S. East St.
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Fees are Due

Don't forget to get your technology fee turned in.  If your student is playing a sport, we need the athletic fee and physical turned in before the first day of school!